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Essay Why it is Good to Pay Attention in Class

       It is good to pay attention in class because if you pay attention you can hear the instructions and follow them. Being quiet is great for everyone to focus on one thing that is really important to their grade or a test. Everyone should treat people like how they wanted to be treated.


       Another way it can be beneficial in the classroom environment, is that you also know the rules of your teacher and the classroom to be aware and clean up after yourself . The consequences are bad if you do not follow the rules like detention after school, mandatory homework help, and Saturday school.


       The good things happen when you follow directions and you are rewarded with eating in class and many other rewards. I promise you will get an A on your homework or test if you follow what your teacher taught you that day. You can get many privileges to keep and no one can take away, only the teacher can take it away.


        Also you have to study more and work piles up if you slack off and don’t pay attention. You just get deeper into trouble and never get stuff done. If you have friends and your friends actually does his/her work you just get left behind.


         If you have friends that slack of don’t stay or follow them you will just get into trouble. Just focus, pay attention in class, study, and do your work. Focus on only your work and help your partner from time to time.